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After analyzing some of the best online sports betting sites, it’s undoubtedly clear that certain sports attract more bettors compared to others. The reason behind this depends mostly on the popularity of the game and of course, the ease of betting on and understanding the rules of the game. Here are some of the top three best play online sports betting games on site. 


Soccer is a celebrated sports game that attracts more than 4 billion fans worldwide. The ease of finding a soccer pitch in any neighborhood in various parts of the world proves how popular this sport is. While betting capitalists have been trying to diversify the sports betting industry, it’s still clear that soccer betting sites are ranking on one of the best online sports betting sites. Soccer not only has simple and straightforward rules but also makes more sense to many bettors who ultimately enjoy playing the game during their free time. Most betting sites, especially those outside of North America has soccer as their top betting sport game. 


Tennis ranks fourth of the most popular sports in the world just behind soccer, cricket, and field hockey. With slightly over one billion fans, this game was initially common is most parts of Europe and Asia before it eventually spread to the whole world. The game has simple rules which enable bettors to predict results of various tournaments and markets with the best of certainty. Some of the common markets include Outright, Total Games (equivalent to over/under in soccer), Handicap, Number of sets, etc. 


Perhaps, one of the most enjoyed game even in countries that do not participate in major leagues and tournaments. The hype that comes with the game of basketball can be felt so immensely with basketball legends becoming household names in various nations across the globe. Just like the above two sports, basketball has a number of betting markets for its fans; from outright or money line, Total Basketball to the Handicap betting options. 


Gambling and sports betting online is never fun until you realize what you’ve been missing. If you’ve been betting on marginalized sports which rarely gives you profits, it’s time to switch to what makes more sense and money. Once you know the top games to bet on, choosing the best online sports betting site becomes easy. The other sports you can comfortably explore in addition to the three are; Badminton, Cricket, E-sports, Golf, Cycling, and American Football. 

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